Not sure where to start with this guy.He was born on our farm and would be our future herdsire if we were staying with traditional boers. I am scratching my head on what to do with him as he is far to good to sit in a pen and look at.


We have searched the last few years for the perfect new herd sire.  Many goats have caught my eye and we have came close to buying a couple.  The one sire that we have been most impressed with is AABG AS GOOD AS IT GETS.  This led us to AABG CADILLAC one of the most impressive goats in the industry.  I talked with Sunshine Boer Goats and asked for a buck kid that would take our herd to the next level. This is what they found and we couldn't be happier.    

SGR Painted Caddi 10673533!!!!!!


HFBG5  Frosted Flakes10748201

LK7 Viking 10745086

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​​LK7 King's Connection 10807696 

SGR POLAR'SIMAGE is one huge powerful herd sire. He is always impressive, every time we visit he seems wider and longer.  SGR POLAR'S IMAGE is owned by Al and Keri Rasmussen . He always sires nice large kids as you can see on their kids page.


We were so impressed with our first buck from Lucky 7 Farms we had to  go buy another.  When we saw King we knew he had the wide chest that we were lacking on a lot of our does.  We have used him pretty heavy this first year and his kids have that wide extended chest that we were looking for.  We couldn't be more happy with him and look forward to see what his kids will do in the show ring. 

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JRB3 Black Ops is a great buck that was a great producer.  Tom Dodd sold one of his daughters for $6000 at the goats galore sale in metropolis Illinois. We have used him on a few does.He produced a doe that sold for $3000 at the 2015 goats galore sale which I often regret selling.  This past spring we had twin tiger dappled does that we will be retaining to breed to our new herdsire. His kids grow fast and are structurally sound. 

We have finally decided to buy a dappled buck that is great in every aspect.  We have purchased LK7 Viking who since the day he was born caught our eye.  We knew this was a great purchase but felt even better after Able acres bought his brother at the True Color sale for $12,000.  We look forward to all the color and style he will add to our herd.  Lucky 7 Boer goats are a great farm and I am honored to own one of their goats.